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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

We are back from tour with a boatload of dumb stories and a lot less money than we had two weeks ago. And since I know that you know that everyone needs to know what happened, I decided to write a tour diary and publish it in daily installments corresponding to days on tour (clever, huh?). So here's day one, enjoy.....

Part I - April 19th 2002 - New York City - The Luna Lounge

Our rock and roll odyssey began well, with everyone in high spirits and excited to bring the noise to the people. So we got in the van full of optimism and coffee and headed out on Massachusetts Route 90. In all of this enthusiasm, someone, Jordan I think, suggested getting out our new cd and popping it in the stereo for some singing along and a general feeling of self satisfaction. Good idea, right? Wrong. This proved disastrous. Very disastrous.

Due to some errors we made in the recording and post-production, it sounded as if Fooled By April had become a twenty nine piece band, with 25 members playing triangle or hissing loudly. Not good.

But, we being the enterprising fellows we are, we set to the task of making new cdís from our original masters. Four cranky ass hours later we were in NYC with some quality goods ("merch" as they say in the industry).

The show itself was a study of ups and downs. The ups: all our NYC people came out which is always great, we rocked like a hurricane for a good while, I resolved many emotional issues with people I hadnít seen in years and no one got drunk enough to be belligerent. The downs: we did not rock like a hurricane on a couple numbers, I nearly fell off stage and ended up grabbing my amp for dear life, subsequently knocking ice water into its electronics and shorting it out for the last two songs of the set, and no one got hammered enough to be belligerent.

All in all a good beginning.

Tomorrow - D.C.!!!!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2002

hey there,

Here I am at work again after a well-deserved three day weekend. The rock machine lurches forward as always, gearing up or a tour that is at this writing a mere three days away. It's all very very exciting as this is definitely the best incarnation of the band and also the most well-rehearsed. The ass-kicking commences on Friday, people, and you may never be the same.

Anywho, we also have the new ep almost in the bag, and from the bag to your grubby little fingers is just one short step. Look for it at upcoming shows.

Finally, Pete placed 7th out of 37 players in Division C of the Boston Scrabble Tournament, a feat similar in scope and brilliance to a young no name rookie taking a certain football team all the way to the big dance. Yay Pete!

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Thursday, April 11, 2002


well...very exciting things are happening. We were on the honest to goodness radio last night! (who the hell uses the expression "honest to goodness" anymore? I guess just me, sitting here in my favorite dungarees, drinking a bottle of pop. Oh well.) Anyway, it was a really great time, complete with virginity jokes, snappy one-liners and 45 minutes of pure rock fury. Gordon even cursed, so the FCC should come knocking any minute. A big thanks to drugless douglas, joel, everyone at WMFO and of course anyone who tuned in.

Tonight is the Abbey Lounge. I think we're all jazzed but tired as hell from our late night escapades. We will still bring you, the loyal listeners, the pure rock power you deserve and, I daresay, need.

Until later....

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Monday, April 08, 2002


So... the show on Friday was ROCK. A lot of people went so far as to say that it was the best show of FXA rock they had ever seen. While we don't know about that, it was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out.

In other news...plans for tour are heating up. We are each busy picking what form of fiber we will take, how many pair of underwear to pack and how to make room in the party van for all the lovely ladies* (Pete and Jordan only.)

We have a busy few weeks coming up, we're on the radio and internet on Wednesday (WMFO Radio, 91.5FM, 10:15p), at the Abbey Lounge on Thursday and kicking it very live at the Boston Scrabble Tournament all weekend, where we will be represented by Mr. Pietro Galea. Rawk.

*Total time band has been together - a little over two years
Total number of lovely ladies to make it into the party van - uh...that would be zero

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Thursday, April 04, 2002


The new ep is finished but for a little mixing and everyone says they're happy, although they may just be saying it to save my very delicate feelings. Now comes the issue of what to do with it. I'm pretty sure we're going to perform a frankenstein-like experiment whereby we combine the new recordings with the best moments from the last and still only charge you, the loyal listeners, a mere 5 bills. Rock.

In other news, pete is gearing up for the scrabble tournament like nobody's, and I mean nobody's, business. Send him some encouragement at

Until next time...

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Monday, April 01, 2002

hallo people,

Making good on my promise to blog (technical term) as much as possible, here I am. Last night, or , more precisely, very early this morning, I finished the new Ep. I guess I can't be very objective about the whole thing, but I think it turned out pretty well, way better than any of us would have expected (see previous blog). I would say that it really doesn't sound like it was recorded in a basement full of rats and shattered beer bottles, and that, my friends, is a very good thing. Hopefully, we can figure out some way to get it to all of you, the true rock and roll fans who have worn out all the binary code in our last mini opus.

We also are looking for names for this project. Send any good ones to joe@fooledbyapril. If we pick your name, we will include a naked photo of you in the sleeve of the album. Good luck!

"Let's get a party going, let's get a party going, when it's time to party we will always party hard. Party hard, party hard, party hard, party hard....."

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